SILZ’s Main Regulations, Saudi Arabia’s First Special Economic Zone


The Special Integrated Logistics Zone is the Kingdom’s first Special Logistic Zone and the inaugural project within the Kingdom’s national logistics platform program. The Special Integrated Logistics Zone combines best in practice in regulation, technology and infrastructure from around the world, providing investors with a superior experience.
The 3 million square meter zone’s strategic location at the heart of the region’s biggest market means investors can reach 5 billion people in 8 hours flying time in the Middle East, Europe, Asia and Africa. Critical infrastructure and bonded corridors along with state-of-the-art facilities provide a significant competitive advantage for investors.
The Special Integrated Logistics Zone has been carefully planned to deliver key competitive advantages to its investors. These include:
True Integration
·         Unique best-in-class integration: The Special Integrated Logistics Zone is the first zone of its kind that combines best practice in regulation, technology and infrastructure from around the world, and as such will provide investors with a superior experience
Unmatched cost & time efficiency
·         Prime Location: The Special Integrated Logistics Zone sits at the heart of the Saudi capital, only 8km from King Khalid International Airport, and is connected to the airport by a bonded corridor. Companies can seamlessly access the airport’s infrastructure and global air routes
·         Market Access: the strategic position of the SILZ allows companies to expedite the time taken from arrival of goods at the zone, to accessing the largest consumer market in the Middle East, to just four hours
Offering a frictionless experience
·         Integrated technological systems: best-in-class inbound and outbound inventory systems provide direct linkages between investors, suppliers, customs and government – accelerating the speed of processing (bonded to B2C clearance)
·         Integrated Vendor Managed Inventory: the VMI system is completely integrated end-to-end (incorporating government, suppliers, customs etc.) resulting in savings at volume
Designed with leading MNEs for leading MNEs
·         Built for global leaders: the zone was tailored specifically to the world’s leading supply chain and logistics companies, designed from the ground-up with industry leaders
·         Feels like home: the zone was designed to allow multinationals to operate in Saudi Arabia using the corporate structure utilised in their home market
Unique VAT advantages into the KSA economy
·         No VAT on servicing: The Special Integrated Logistics Zone’s is the only free zone in GCC that gives zero VAT to goods which are temporarily transferred between the mainland and the zone for purposes of repair, maintenance, and after-sales services
·         No VAT on manufacturing services: no VAT on goods entering into the zone that contribute to conducting the Prescribed Activities, which includes the manufacturing process
The Special Integrated Logistics Zone also offers investors additional key regulatory incentives including:
·         50-year tax relief period including 0 rated corporate income tax and exemptions on withholding and remittance taxes on certain payments
·         100% Foreign Ownership
·         No restrictions on capital repatriation
·         Suspension of import restrictions and customs duties
·         VAT exemptions for goods under customs suspension
·         Bonded corridor access to King Khalid International Airport and zone to zone bonded corridors
·         Fast-track registration and incorporation
·         Expedited certification procedures for the export of goods to the mainland
·         Relaxed labour laws
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SILZ Companies Regulations_لائحة الشركات
SILZ Employment Regulations_لائحة العمل
SILZ Implementing Regulations_اللائحة التنفيذية
SILZ Tax Rules_اللائحة الضريبية
SILZ Statute - تنظيم المنطقة
SILZ Operating Manual_الدليل التشغيلي
SILZ Code of Conduct - ميثاق القواعد السلوكية بالمنطقة الخاصة
SILZ Customs Services Rules_لائحة قواعد الاجراءات الجمركية

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