Altanfeethi company

About as
The Altanfeethi company was established in 1979, for official ceremonies and for
welcoming state delegations.
In March 2021, the establishment of "Altanfeethi in accordance with the
decision of the Board of Directors of GACA.
“Altanfeethi” Company manages and operates all executive terminals and
offices at airports in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which were newly
established as part of the privatization program of the aviation sector in
Saudi Arabia
Over the past months, “Altanfeethi” has seen a significant expansion in the
level of services it provides and in the quality of its products, to the extent
that it is appreciated and commended by its guests.
The exclusive services and sophisticated benefits of the "Altanfeethi"
company have also attracted the attention of the Kingdom's elite.
“Altanfeethi” Company has 27 terminals equipped with the best and finest
facilities at both international and domestic airports in the Kingdom, as
many services with the highest quality standards to provide a unique and
unforgettable experience for our dear guests.
" Altanfeethi" seeks to become the world's leading name by providing the
best services that exceed the expectations of its network members.

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In KSA number : +966112682762
Out KSA number : 8001202222