Safety, Security and Air Transport

The General Authority of Civil Aviation’s Safety, Security and Air Transport Sector is the legislative, regulatory and governing body of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s aviation industry.
The sector issues and updates codes and regulations in sync with international developments. The sector also issues and renews licenses, accreditations and certificates pertaining to the civil aviation industry in accordance with code and regulations, ensures compliance with regulations and procedures, and conducts regular checks to guarantee the highest possible levels of safety. It also implements environmental protection projects.
The sector participates in laying air transportation strategies in the Kingdom and works to increase the civil aviation industry’s contribution to the Kingdom’s gross domestic product.
In partnership with other government sectors, the sector handles Hajj and Umrah flight permits.



  • Update codes and regulations as per the latest in the global aviation industry.
  • Maintain the highest levels of safety through supervision, oversight, auditing, and ensuring compliance with codes and regulations.
  • Keeping the Kingdom’s airspace highly safe and secure.
  • Maintaining the highest safety standards at all of the Kingdom’s airports.
  • Ensure safety in flight operations and the airworthiness of aircraft.
  • Ensure the highest standards in certifying aviation professionals (pilots, air control officers, avionics engineers… etc.)
  • Comprehensive conversion to electronic automation.
  • Economic deregulation of the air transportation market.
  • Instill fair competition in service industries at the Kingdom’s airports.
  • Maintain a clean, healthy environment through the adoption of global environmental standards.
  • Raise the Kingdom’s status in international arenas.


To bring the national aviation industry up to the highest standards in sync with the latest developments in the global aviation industry.


To continue to maintain the highest safety standards in the Kingdom’s aviation industry.

List of Departments and Sections


  • Licensing of operators/airlines
  • Licensing and accreditation of aircraft repair stations within the Kingdom and abroad.
  • Licensing and accreditation of aviation schools, institutes and training centers within the Kingdom and abroad.
  • Licensing of technical aircraft maintenance training schools and institutes.
  • Negotiations with other countries for the purposes of air transportation treaties and agreements.
  • Licensing of airports, landing strips and helipads.
  • Licensing of navigation service providers.
  • Licensing of aviation professionals (pilots, flight engineers, aircraft technicians, air traffic controllers… etc.)
  • Issue permits for scheduled, chartered and private flights.
  • Conduct business evaluations of applicants for licenses to operate any and all aviation-related activities.
  • Study applications for the construction of high-rise buildings and service structures (radio towers, etc.) to set maximum height limits.
  • Scrutinize the designs of new airports, landing strips and helipads to ensure that they comply with international standards.
  • Approve flight procedures and air corridors through the Kingdom’s airspace and airports.
  • Register civil aircraft in the Saudi civil aircraft register.
  • Issue licenses for in-flight/onboard wireless telecommunications hardware.
  • Conduct technical studies for the purposes of issuing Type Certificates (TCs) and Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs.)
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