Information Center & Statistical Studies

To prepare information and statistical studies from the most important

To prepare information and statistical studies from the most important sources on which depends the determination of growth and development. To establish statistical studies, the most important means of supporting the work of companies & organizations developed globally. And so often destiny of projects or major decisions depend on the basis of information and statistical studies provided to decision-makers. It is possible for the enterprises either in public or private sector to carry out business, tasks and duties entrusted to them in required manner if they have the information, statistical data & indicators up to the degree of accuracy and comprehensiveness. From this perspective, the General Authority of Civil Aviation considers the information and statistical studies, one of the most important priorities, and thus seeks to keep pace with acquiring excellence-based development through continuous improvement for innovation in performance in addition to the use of the latest tools, methods, ideas and policies for uninterrupted development.


Leadership in the information industry and the statistical product excellence in the aviation sector


Provide high-quality information services to support decision-makers through database constructed on credible accuracy and diversity of sources, and provide intelligent statistical studies relying on cutting-edge techniques and advanced scientific systems in air transport industry.


Strategic objectives

Information Center & Statistical Studies department has set forth  following strategic objectives in pursuance of achieving its vision and mission.

Tasks & functions

To achieve the Center’s vision, mission and strategic objectives through systematic tasks & specialized functions, and to ensure its adherence to standards & indicators for evaluating performance & strategic initiatives, the center has defined its tasks and functions as placed below: