General Directorate of Statistics and Decision Support Center

General Directorate of Statistics and Decision Support Center
To prepare information and statistical studies from the most important sources on which depends the determination of growth and development. To establish statistical studies, the most important means of supporting the work of companies & organizations developed globally. And so often destiny of projects or major decisions depend on the basis of information and statistical studies provided to decision-makers. It is possible for the enterprises either in public or private sector to carry out business, tasks and duties entrusted to them in required manner if they have the information, statistical data & indicators up to the degree of accuracy and comprehensiveness.
From this perspective, the General Authority of Civil Aviation considers the information and statistical studies, one of the most important priorities, and thus seeks to keep pace with acquiring excellence-based development through continuous improvement for innovation in performance in addition to the use of the latest tools, methods, ideas and policies for uninterrupted development.
General Directorate of Statistics and Decision Support Center Structure:

General Directorate of Statistics and Decision Support Center Vision:
Leadership in the information industry and the statistical product excellence in the aviation sector
General Directorate of Statistics and Decision Support Center Mission:
Provide high-quality information services to support decision-makers through database constructed on credible accuracy and diversity of sources, and provide intelligent statistical studies relying on cutting-edge techniques and advanced scientific systems in air transport industry.
General Directorate of Statistics and Decision Support Center objectives:
  • Empower decision-makers with reliable information and specialized studies in support of their decisions in the field of air transport.
  • Provide databases and enhanced systems guaranteeing the accuracy of information in all air transport fields internally and externally.
  • Excellence in providing information services and statistical studies in the field of air transport and sharing them with GACA internal and external sectors
  • Build strategic partnerships with domestic and foreign information & research centers and relevant authorities, and actively participate in events supportive of Center’s activities.
  • Contribute to modern development trends associated with aviation and air transport fields.
Statistics Department Tasks and Responsibilities:
  1. Establish an effective and scientific mechanism for collecting, auditing and updating air traffic data, airport data and aviation activities from multiple sources, recording, tabulating, analyzing and extracting their indicators.
  2. Building an updated database of air traffic, airports and aviation activities in Saudi Arabia.
  3. Preparation of field surveys specialized in air transport and preparation of studies and research to develop the aviation industry.
  4. Compile, issue and publish reports and information books (monthly, quarterly and annual) and distribute among GACA Sectors and other relevant organizations & authorities, both internally and externally.
  5. Prepare information and statistical reports for concerned authorities based on their requests.
  6. Provide data for airlines operating at Kingdom’s airport.
  7. Establish close ties with study & research centers and coordination with Arabian & other concerned civil aviation authorities.
Research & development Department Tasks and Responsibilities:
  1. Research, compile and publish reports & studies about air transport.
  2. Supporting of the senior management to Authority with recommendations and alternatives on the development of domestic and international air traffic.
  3. Hold workshops, conferences, seminars and various events on air transport.
  4. Prepare, issue and publish specialized reports on air traffic & air transport.
  5. Provide advisory studies to the concerned authorities in the areas of air transport.
  6. Prepare, issue and update the forecast reports for air traffic in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  7. Prepare and issue specialized reports on airlines’ operational potentials.
  8. Monitor global economy and trends of development & growth to extract information affecting the air transport sector.
Decision support Department Tasks and Responsibilities:
  1. Coordination with GACA Sectors to provide databases and software systems supporting the flow of information.
  2. Provide an updated reliable database for information about Kingdom Air Transport.
  3. Provide an updated reliable data for Kingdom's Airports in all areas/ aspects.
  4. Provide relevant data for all Sectors of GACA.
  5. Create and update a comprehensive electronic library for all bulletins and publications of GACA.
  6. create business intelligence systems and data science methods for analysis using appropriate quantitative models and software available, and output them in the appropriate reports.
  7. Establishing periodic reports for the decision maker on the current and future status of strategic planning objectives and keeping abreast of developments in the field of civil aviation and the capacity of the Kingdom's airports to issue or reduce licenses for activities.

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