Safety and Aviation Standards Advisory Circulars

1. READ ME FIRST AC 000-00 An Introduction to the GACA Advisor Circular System AC 000-02 Applicability and Use of FAA Advisory Circulars AC 000-03 Human Factors Principles in Civil Aviation AC 000-05 Payment of Fees and Charges AC 000-06 Aircraft Disassembly and Recycling Management AC 000-07 737 MAX Return to Service AC 005-01 Safety Management Systems (SMS) AC 011-01 Petitioning for Exemptions AC 013-01 Appeals and Petitions for Reconsideration AC 021-02 Parts Acceptable For Use of Saudi Arabian Registered Aircraft AC 021-03 Types of Approved Data for Alterations and Repairs on Saudi Arabian Registered Aircraft AC 021-07 Alterations and Repairs AC 021-35 Type Certificate Acceptance AC 043-01 One-Time Approval Application Guide AC 047-01 Aircraft Registration Guide AC 068-01 Ground Services Personnel Work Permit Guide AC 077-01 Laser Emissions That May Endanger The Safety of Civil Aviation AC 091-01 Undesired impact of 5G networks on airborne radio altimeters AC 091-02 Non-Towered Aerodrome and Uncontrolled Airspace Flight Operations AC 101-01 Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems AC 139-03 Aerodrome Low Visibility Operations – ILS CAT II AC 139-04 Airport Emergency Plan (AEP) AC 151-01 Ground Service Provider Certification Guide AC 171-01 Prerequisites for acceptance by the president of manager of air traffic management AC 172-01 Application for Procedure Design Certificate AC 172-02 PREREQUISITES FOR ACCEPTANCE BY THE PRESIDENT OF CHIEF DESIGNER AC 172-03 Flight Validation Certificate AC 175-01 Acceptable Means of Compliance AC 175-02 AIP Change Notice – Acceptable Means Of Compliance AC 175-03 Aeronautical Survey Requirements AC 183-02 Obstacle Assessor Guide AC 199-01; Transitioning to the New GACARs - This advisory circular was canceled per docket number: AC 18-001 AC 60460-5 Safety of Civil Aircraft Operating Air Space under the Authority of the Republic of South Sudan AC 67092-5 Chinese Spacecraft Long March 5B Reentry Into Atmosphere