Regulation Circulars

The entirety content of these regulation Circulars is not to be used after Monday 29 Feb. 2016. It is kept as a reference for all the Certification, Licensing and Authorization issued prior to 29 Feb. 2016.

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Temporary Ban on Importing bee colonies from the State of Italy to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Activation Of SCATANA Allowable quantity of fruits Alkoro GACA Circular R-23A-2012 Importing Aviation Products to the KSA GACA Circular R-24-2012 Sign & Placards Language Requirements GACA Circular R-26-2013 Special Rules for Millitary Pilot GACA Circular R-28-2015 Flight & Duty Limitation and Rest Requirements for Flight Crew Member GACA Circular R-29-2015 Pilot License Validation / Conversion GACA Circulars R-25-2012 Importation Certification and Operational Requirements for light Sport Aircraft GACA Regulation Circular No R-21A-2011 GACA Regulation Circular No R-33-2015 Ground Service Provider Work Permit GACAR Circular R-1-2009 An Introduction to GACA Regulations GACAR Circular R-10-2010 Service Difficulty Reporting GACAR Circular R-11-2010 Requirements for Additional Equipments GACAR Circular R-12-2010 Preiodic Determination of W&B GACAR Circular R-13A-2015 Human Factor Princilpes GACAR Circular R-14-2010 Continuing Airworthiness Resposibilites GACAR Circular R-15A-2010 Safety Managment System GACAR Circular R-16-2010 STC Holder Responsibilities for Data Retention GACAR Circular R-17-2010 Compliance Enforcement Policy GACAR Circular R-18-2010 Appeals Policy GACAR Circular R-20A-2010 Aircraft Wet Lease GACAR Circular R-22A-2011 FOREIGN OPERATORS REQUIRMENTS GACAR Circular R-2A-2009 Index to GACA Regulations Revised Intouction GACAR Circular R-3-2009 Implementation of the Chigaco Convention Article 83 bis GACAR Circular R-9-2010 Documents Onboard GACAR Circular R4/ 2009, Code Sharing GACAR Circular R5/ 2009, Aircraft Interception GACAR Circular R6/ 2009, Aircraft Equipment GACAR Circular R7/ 2009, Exemption to Regulations GACAR Circular R8/ 2009, Aircraft Documents Pilot Qualification GACA Circular R-27-2015