Being responsible for planning, studies, design and construction of the Kingdom’s airports, their facilities and their infrastructures, the Projects Sector is the backbone of the General Authority of Civil Aviation’s projects.
The sector works closely with partners to achieve continued excellence and maintain strategic growth in the aviation sector, which requires meticulous, detailed understanding of the different backgrounds, expectations and objectives of the various sectors within the Kingdom’s civil aviation industry, and concerted efforts to meet current and possible future needs.
Hence, the sector has laid out strategic plans to help bring capacity up to the rapid growth in the industry.

Our values

  • Adhering to professional ethics
  • Sense of challenge and a penchant for learning.
  • Professional commitment and a team spirit.
  • Compliance with quality standards.
  • Transparency and continuous communication.


Departments within the Projects Sector
  • Department of Planning and Studies
  • Department of Engineering Affairs.
  • Department of Project Oversight
  • Operation and Maintenance Department
  • Department of Support Services


Develop the facilities of domestic and international airports to world-class standards through terminal designs and plans that facilitate the smooth, efficient movement of travelers.


To continue the Projects Sector’s contributions to national efforts to bring Saudi airports and other national projects up to world-class standards.

Duties & Responsability

Strategic objectives and tasks
  • Set overall policies for the architecture and engineering of domestic and international airports and lay out the required plans and programs to implement them.
  • Oversee studies pertaining to the Authority’s land and building needs, and equipment and hardware the Authority requires at its airports and other facilities.
  • Lay out plans for the Authority’s future plans as they fit into the general layout and plans for each airport.
  • Supervise the preparation and finalization of engineering designs and blueprints for various engineering projects.
  • Prepare and develop blueprints for approved projects.
  • Review plans, designs and blueprints prepared by third-party consultants.
  • Technical and engineering supervision of the Authority’s facilities and their handover by contractors.
  • Follow up on projects being implemented by third-party contractors.
  • Ensure the quality of implementation as per contracts.
  • Review bills issued by contractors and consultants and approve payments.
  • Follow up on the implementation of the Authority’s projects to ensure that they are on time and meet specifications, and report regularly to concerned stakeholders.
  • Prepare executive plans for maintenance contracts for the Authority’s facilities and properties and ensure that they are implemented.
  • Fulfil any and all services needed by the Authority’s various units.

List of Departments and Sections


  • Planning and studies for all of the Authority’s projects.
  • Design work for the Authority’s projects.
  • Oversee construction work on all projects.
  • Supervise testing of materials for all projects.
  • Operational readiness.
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