Directorate General of Economic Regulations & Policies


Achieve mutual benefits and competition in the air transport market in line with the strategy of the General Authority of Civil Aviation.


Create a legislative and economic environment in civil aviation that is characterized by fair and constructive competitiveness, plus continuing to develop, improve and align it with the strategy of the General Authority of Civil Aviation.


  1. Develop and promote economic policies and directives on key regulatory issues related to the economic regulation of airlines companies, airports, air navigation, and other services related aviation.
  2. Prepare and modify the economic policies in the aviation sector and ensure their conformity with the policies of government, adoption, and follow-up implementation.
  3. Regulate the environment of economic regulation in the aviation sector in Kingdome of Saudi Arabia and increase the awareness about the importance of compliance with economic regulations.
  4. Participate in the preparation of plans, economic development programs, and the various national strategies.
5.      Study and follow up the multilateral international economic and commercial agreements that are related to civil aviation services and continue in developing them in a way that contributes to the enhancement of the economic position of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

•         Hierarchical organizational structure for Directorate General of Economic Regulations & Policies

Duties and Responsibilities of Directorate General of Economic regulations and policies:

1.      Taking responsibility of all initiatives, projects, and tasks related to the economics of air transport in the stage of study, preparation, and amendment until adoption.

2.      Competence of all tasks related to the regulation of the legislative environment of the air transport sector in the stages of study, research, issuance, amendment and cancellation until accreditation by the competent authority, including regulations, decisions, circulars and evidence relevant to the air transport sector and to provide feedback on the application of these regulatory tools.

3.      Conducting studies, analyzes and developments related to the air transport sector and examining factors that affect the growth of the air transport sector such as fair competition, market liberalization, taxes on jet fuel and others.

4.      Collecting, examining, reviewing and publishing documents related to the air transport market and providing feedback.

5.      Study, follow up, and analyze the economic, commercial, regional and international agreements related to civil aviation services.

Reasons for the existence of economic regulations and policies in the aviation sector:

1.      Include private investments in the aviation industry.

2.      The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has a great market power and competitive characteristics in airports and air navigation.

3.      Protecting effectivity and efficiency of the competition and economy in the aviation industry.

4.      Restricting the market power in order to achieve significant improvements in terms of efficiency and quality of service, expand and improve to meet the changing investment needs.

5.      Improve the efficiency and productivity.

6.      Encourage the effective new investment.

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