The Air Navigation Services Sector plays a vital role in ensuring the security and safety of air traffic. It achieves this through a number of tasks that are fundamental elements in the success of the air transport industry. It also offers aircraft movement services to all aircraft that cross the Kingdom’s airspace and/or use its airports, using highly advanced systems and equipment operated by highly qualified personnel who operate around the clock. The sector also provides support services, such as the Saudi Aviation Handbook and other publications, as well as search and rescue and navigational telecommunications. It also coordinates with national entities that use the Kingdom’s airspace, such the military, air navigation service providers in neighboring countries, and meteorological services. The navigation sector also equips, operates and maintains air navigation systems and equipment.


Values :

We are committed to deliver optimal levels of safety through pro management and fostering a safety culture.

We are committed to deliver services that meet our customers’ needs in an
effective and flexible way with transparent communication and consultation.

We are committed to respect and serve the public interest by ensuring ethical
conduct, convenience in travel and environmental responsibility with regards to noise and emissions.

We are committed to providing high quality and efficient services by fostering a culture of productivity and operational excellence.

We are committed to inspiring and empowering our employees and providing
them with a professional and challenging work environment focused around talent development and communication.

We are committed to work with our strategic partners and stakeholders on
common goals that deliver world pro-active safety world-class air navigation services.

Strategic objectives:

  • Become an independent and financially sustainable organization:
Manage our financial resources and operating costs effectively.
Ensure effective revenue. generation and collection.
Ensure effective corporate governance.

  • Become a performance-driven organization aligned with world-class ANSPs:
Achieve operational excellence
Streamline management processes.
Enhance corporate planning capabilities.
Embed performance management culture.
Adopt the right IT systems and tools.

  • Become a people focused organization:
Develop high quality HR capabilities.
Attract and retain talented and committed employees.
Develop a high performing workforce.
Create a great and healthy working environment.

  • Become a customer centric organization:
Foster a customer centric culture.
Enable regional harmonization.
Build joint-value relationships with key stakeholders.

  • Implement a proactive approach to safety management.
Maximize operational safety performance.
Optimize safety management systems.
Foster a safety culture across all levels of the organization.


To provide safe, effective, efficient, sustainable and environmentally
navigation services to our customers through innovative solutions, strategic
partnerships and highly professional staff
environmentally-friendly air navigation services to our customers through innovative solutions, strategic partnerships and highly professional staff.


To become a high performing Air Navigation Service Provider.


  • Securing and ensuring the safety of aircraft movement.
  • Providing air traffic services to all aircraft that use the Kingdom’s airspace and airports.
  • Providing sophisticated systems, advanced navigational equipment and highly trained personnel to ensure that air navigation is operational at all times.
  • Providing supplementary navigational services, such as the Kingdom’s Aviation Handbook and navigational bulletins.
  • Search and rescue services
  • Navigational telecommunications services through sending, receiving and correcting all air movement and other messages.
  • Coordinating with national institutions that use the Kingdom’s airspace, such as the military, air navigation service centers in neighboring countries, and meteorology services.
  • Equip, operate and maintain air navigation systems and equipment.
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