The Kingdom holds a leading position in the global civil aviation


Riyadh February 20, 2019


The General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) celebrated the 57th  anniversary of the Kingdom’s joining the Chicago Convention on February 19, 2019 , becoming the first of the (52) countries that met to formulate the convention, whereby establishing the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).


This international event reflects the Kingdom’s position and its impact on civil aviation around the globe.  This day marks a major milestone in the history of the ICAO, which laid down the foundation of the various process in the field of civil aviation.  Furthermore, it defined the safety and security standards and developed the joint action and the international resolutions in the air transport industry.


It is worth noting, that since the Kingdom’s accession to this prestigious organization (affiliated with the United Nations) it has played an important role in the activity of the ICAO.  The Kingdom was elected to the aforementioned organization in 1986 for the first time as a member of the Organization Council and have been re-elected at each session ever since.

Furthermore, the Kingdom plays vital role in bringing the air transport industry to the best international standards.


 It has contributed to the establishment of the cooperation between countries around the world in the field of civil aviation.  It has helped in the development of joint action, and the formulation of regulations of international air traffic.  It has also contributed to the formulation of international resolutions in the various field in the air transport industry.


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has strengthened the march of the ICAO in several important events that marked a turning point throughout its history.  One of these prominent point is the invitation of the Custodial of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud during a meeting with the president of the ICAO and stressing the importance of the Arabic language as a main language for the ICAO on its website.  The Kingdom has supported the Arabic version to become one of the official languages adopted by its site.


Moreover, in September of 2016, His Excellency the President of GACA inaugurated the ICAO website Arabic version, which allowed all Arabic speakers to familiarize themselves with the organization, as well as its decisions and recommendations.


Furthermore, as a confirmation of the Kingdom’s presence in the ICAO, the Kingdom has won the election of the Air Navigation Commission (ANC) a subsidiary of the ICAO in the position of (Vice-President of the ANC for the application of technical procedures).  The Kingdom also become a member of the Regional Commission for Human Resources of the International Council of Airports for Asia and the Pacific.  It also hold membership in most of the 31 ICAO committees.


Furthermore, the Kingdom has provided financial support for ICAO projects, for example the Kingdom announced in August of 2016, the provision of financial support amounting to 1 million Dollars to the ICAO program which it sponsored “No Country left behind” (NCLB).


 The program has provided assistant to countries that are not in a position to apply safety standards relating to aviation safety and security.  Moreover, in 2010, the Kingdom provided the ICAO with 152,508 US dollars, which amounted to the Saudi contribution to the Aviation Security Audit Program.  Also in 2008, the Kingdom provided 250,000 US dollars for the ICAO program for the enhancement of aviation safety on the African Continent (AFIPLAN).


Moreover, as a fair example of the Kingdom interest in the development of the air transport system, the Kingdom was chosen to be the permanent host for the headquarters of the Regional Organization for Safety Oversight for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA-RSOO), a subsidiary of the ICAO.  The Kingdom has also hosted and financed the permeant headquarters of the ICAO’s Cooperative Aviation Security Program for the Middle East (CASP-MID).  Furthermore, the Kingdom is actively involved in ICAO’s efforts to protect the environment from the adverse effect of aircraft operation, and this is done through numerous initiatives and studies at conferences and symposium which the ICAO hold and supervised.


It is worth noting, that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia offered (100) training opportunities at the Saudi Civil Aviation Academy to benefit specialists in developing countries.  The Kingdom’s international airports are members of the International Airport Council (ACI), and most airlines in the Kingdom are members of the International Air Transport Association (IATA).  The Kingdom also enjoy membership in the international air navigation organization (CANSO) and actively participate in its activities, and achievements.


Moreover, in May of 2013, the Kingdom organized the International Conference for Airport Security and its accompanying exhibit.  The conference lasted for the duration of two days.  Many Arab and international organization, in addition to civil aviation organization, attended it many international and local companies specializing in manufacturing and airport security equipment were in attendance.  Also in the same year, the Kingdom hosted the Second Meeting of Civil Aviation Directors in the Middle East, which was organized by the ICAO; the Conference lasted for the period of three days.


 The meeting discussed a number of issues related to the development of the civil aviation sector.  The number of the working submitted during the meetings exceeded (46) working papers.


Furthermore, in 2012, the Kingdom hosted the ICAO Conference on Air Service Navigation, in which more than 350 negotiators from 62 countries from all over the world participated.  The conference lasted for the duration of five days, with more than 350 meetings, resulting in 130 agreements.  The ICAO also hosted a workshop (The ICAO New Flight Plan), which is the international plan for the required air navigation techniques.


The contributed has also contributed in supporting the ICAO publications, particularly the ones dealing with aviation safety and security.  The Kingdom has endeavor to balance the growth of the air transport industry, the impact of aviation on climate change and the need for some countries not to place addition burdens on issues that are historically not responsible for.


The kingdom is continuously and efficiently passing ICAO Global Civil Aviation Safety Audit Program, which is a reflection of the Kingdom’s commitment to the international approach in the realization and application of safety systems.


With this in mind GACA, will continue its efforts with the utmost determination and perseverance, and in cooperation with civil aviation authorities of other friendly nations, that totally believe in the role and mission of the ICAO to explore all prospects for success and overcome all obstacles and difficulties.

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