The Civil Aviation Authority announces the issuance of its specialized magazine on air transport

Riyadh, April 28, 2019


The General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) re-issued its official aviation magazine in its 93rd edition, a magazine specializing in world’s aviation an air transport after a three-year hiatus.


GACA’s aim through re-launching the magazine that is published in both Arabic and English is to highlight its achievements and the achievements of various sectors within the industry.  Furthermore, the goal is to highlights certain aspect of civil aviation to increase knowledge about this particular subject.  It intends to spread and increase the magazine circulations to the public and to aviation specialists involved domestically and abroad.


The magazine’s contents included a number of articles and reports, including the Executive Regulations for the Customer Protection Rights, the Unified Airports Model, and the Qunfudah Airport project.  Also included in this edition aviation technology, long flights illness, winter of Tantura and unmanned aircrafts, plus the air traffic report for 2018.


The new issue also included a group of articles on GACA organizing and participating in international conferences, signing agreements, issuance of pilot licenses, highlights and the achievement of GACA.  This in addition to the most prestigious awards obtained by GACA internationally.


GACA’s civil aviation magazine did not overlook the health education, where it focused in one article on a topic called “Mental Health of Pilots”, where the mental health of pilots is assessed by airliners before joining the workforce, in addition to random drug and alcohol testing and the provision full medical and physiological medical care.  The report cited recommendations by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) to the European Union that civil aviation crews be subjected to strict control and the imposition of having two persons in the cockpit at all times, in addition to a review of regulations related to mental health of pilots.


In another section of the magazine, it covered long trips illnesses, such as deep vein thrombosis, and it gave tips on minimizing this very dangerous medical condition.  The Civil Aviation Magazine issued and produced by GACA’s Corporate Communications and Marketing Sector and can be downloaded through GACA’s official website:

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