GACA’s announcement to all passengers: Know all your rights in the event of any flights delays

Riyadh 23 January 2019
The General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) had made an announcement to the public about the steps to be taken in the event of flights delays from its scheduled departure time.  This to facilitate the difficulties they might face, enhance transparency and affirm all the rights granted to the traveling public.
This comes within the framework of GACA’s directives towards introducing the public to the Executive Regulations for Customer’s Protection, under the slogan “Your Rights are Reserved”.
GACA explained that in case of any flights delays, then passengers have the right to be provided with refreshment for the first hour of the delay.  In the event the delay is more than three hours, then an appropriate meal should be provided by the airliners.  In the event the delay time exceeded six hours, then hotel accommodations should be provided, in addition to transportation to and from the airport.
It is worth noting, that the launch of the Customer Protection Regulations comes within GACA’s keenness to provide the best services for passengers and to preserve their rights, also to preserve the rights of people with special needs during their travel.
Furthermore, GACA has allocated a customer protection account in twitter @GACACare, in addition to GACA main twitter account @KSAGACA and a toll free number 800-116-8888 to serve all of the passenger’s needs.

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