GACA announces the extension of the validity of the Airworthiness Certificate up to three years

Riyadh, November 22, 2018
The General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) has announced the extension of its airworthiness certificate for a period of 36 months for aircraft with a Saudi registration, where it was for a span of 12 months in the past.  This action was taken to support and encourage the civil aviation industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and to keep up with the current development in the aviation industry.
This came in a decision issued by GACA amending some articles relating to some items in clause 21 of the General Regulations of the General Authority of Civil Aviation.
The assistant to GACA’s President for Aviation Standards, Mr. Yasser Al Mayouf noted that the decision contributes to the reduction of the time periods for removing the aircraft from service.  This step was taken to meet renewal requirement for the certificate.  He went on to say that the certificate validity depends mainly on the maintenance program approved by the manufacturers. Also operators and owners, which GACA inspectors ensuring strict application to the program.
Al Mayouf went on to say that GACA initiative to extend the validity of the airworthiness certificate for aircraft with Saudi registration comes in accordance with the latest international standards in the application of the regulations and procedures to ensure the safety of air transport.  This in addition to achieving the needed growth and economic sustainability in the civil aviation industry in the Kingdom.
It is worth mentioning that GACA has previously undertaken several initiatives that come within the framework of its legislative and regulatory role in air transport industry.  This role is achieved by drafting regulations and the needed bylaws to ensure the safety of air transport.  Likewise by promoting civil aviation to be the main braches of the national economy complimenting the Kingdom’s vision 2030. GACA has granted aviation personnel, aircraft maintenance technicians and Saudi air traffic controllers lifetime licenses and has cancelled article 127 of the Aviation Safety Regulations and Bylaws, where private jet operators with non-commercial foreign registration are not required to obtain permits, and permit of the country of issuance would be sufficient. Granted that the applicant submit to the usual procedures currently in place to obtain flight permits in the Kingdom airspace and right of landing in the kingdom airports given by competent GACA department.  This in addition to the separation between articles 141 and 61 of the Safety Regulations that allowed the applicants to be granted pilot licenses.  In the event of irregular attendance by applicants at a licensed school, or institute for pilots training, the applicant is to obtain his theoretical and practical training from a GACA licensed aviation instructor.

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