Civil Aviation celebrates the graduation of the fourth batch of trainees from the Future Leaders Program

Riyadh, April 25, 2019


The General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) celebrated the graduation of the fourth batch of the 2018 female Future Leaders Program.


GACA assistant to the president for General Services, Mr. Gamal Jamal Al Fuwairis explained that the program aims to hone and qualify trainees according to the highest standards and that the training will be held in the best centers and training institutes.  This in an effort to gain experiences and skills and apply them their field of work in a variety of sectors at GACA.


For his part, the Director General for Human Resources, Mr. Abdulaziz Al Awad, noted that the graduates showed a high level of skills and competencies, after completing the training, where they acquired the required expertise and were able to develop their skills through program.


He went on to say, that GACA has worked to train and qualify holders of bachelor’s and master’s degrees in specialized fields, in addition to administration disciplines.  He stressed the keenness of GACA to raise the participation of Saudi women, where this current batch was allocated in its entirety to women’s cadres in line with the future developments and in order to empower Saudi women and raise their participation level in the labor market.


Al Awad explained that GACA has been keen to provide several initiatives to develop and reached GACA desired strategies.  He indicated that the Future Leaders Program comes within a planned initiatives aimed at developing human resources at GACA and give women of this country an opportunity at various disciplines after training them at the highest level.  He pointed out that the graduates received theoretical training and on the job training and were followed up and evaluated continuously at each stage of the program.


It is worth mention that GACA started implementing the Future Leaders Program in 2015 and so far has graduated many trainees distinguished in their specialized fields and management disciplines and were able during the past period to take on leadership positions in airports management and other sectors throughout GACA.  



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