Blood donation campaign starts from Taif airport

Riyadh February 18, 2019


Taif International Airport launched a blood donation drive under the slogan (we share our blood with you 3); it started this morning in cooperation with the armed forces hospital in Taif province.


The campaign is meant to motivate blood donors to the concept of volunteering, to continue on organizing the event, and to cultivate a culture of volunteering amongst airport employees and its visitors. This is achieve through raising awareness and through community participation.  It is worth noting that the airport has sponsored various programs for our brave soldiers for their sacrifices to this dear country of ours.


The airport aims to enhance the role of airports in the service of the community by making the airport an integral part of the fabric of the local community.  This is due to the sense of responsibility in supporting a culture of voluntary work at airports, as well as diversifying the roles assigned to the airports itself by interacting with the developing communities.


It is worth mentioning that the campaign comes as a part of series of programs provided by the airport administration to our brave soldiers for the sacrifices they made for this country.  This kind of campaign has won the admiration of the airport employees and various government’s sectors within the airport.  Furthermore, the current activities will last for the duration of three days.

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