GACA organizes a general aviation workshop in the Kingdom entitled "Empowering Private Aircraft Owners"

 December 25, 2021
The General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) organized today a general aviation workshop in the Kingdom entitled "Empowering Private Aircraft Owners", with the participation of a number of specialists and those interested in the field of general aviation in the governmental and private sectors. The workshop was held at the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel in the capital city of Riyadh.
The setting up of the workshop comes within the framework of developing and activating the role of general aviation and light sports aviation to open the way for those wishing to develop these hobbies. Furthermore, to listen to the views of the beneficiaries and provide them with the appropriate space through legislation and international best practices to ensure safety for beneficiaries and to the community.
The workshop aims to enhance effective communication between GACA and the general aviation community in the Kingdom, and build a partnership to enhance the safety, security and efficiency of general aviation in the Kingdom. This in addition to informing private aircraft owners of the latest strategic and operational developments, and to raise the level of compliance with the relevant executive regulations, systems and procedures.
The workshop dealt with several points, including the role of the regulatory and supervisory authority through setting the rules and regulations for general aviation in line with international standards and best practices. Moreover, the following up on the compliance of establishments and individuals with the requirements mentioned in the regulations to ensure a high level of safety. It also addressed the improvements made by GACA through updating forms and requirements. Also work was undertaken to license a number of testers from outside GACA and update the authority’s website so that the forms are in line with the requirements of the regulations. This in addition to increasing the number of qualified inspectors according to need and specializations, and work to unify registration and validity requests to include all licenses and permits.
Meanwhile, the workshop reviewed the definition of the conditions issued by GACA in relation to general aviation and the requirements that must be met in the areas of: granting licenses and issuing certificates to individuals to organize basic training, issuing registration and airworthiness certificates for civil aircrafts. Further, following up on the application of safety requirements, registering airstrips and licensing airport operators, and following up on operators’ commitment to safety.  Further, authorizing operators for air traffic services and following up their compliance with the Kingdom’s airspace regulations and rules.
The workshop highlighted the responsibilities of aircraft owners, which include ensuring the validity of the pilot’s license, the obligation to operate the aircraft according to the license, compliance with the guiding requirements in the Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP). This in addition to ensuring the presence of the required certificates in the cockpit, reporting accidents, and commitment to operating the aircraft according to the Airplane Flight Manuals (AFM). Furthermore, performing aircraft maintenance as per manufacturer manual and no transport of prohibited hazardous materials.
It is worth noting that the GACA is keen to hold such workshops within the objectives of the civil aviation sector strategy, with the aim of enhancing integration between the various main economic sectors in the Kingdom, employing the latest ideas, technologies and qualitative solutions. Moreover, enhance the Kingdom’s position and competitiveness globally as a leading center in the use of the latest technology and smart innovations, according to the best global practices.

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