The General Authority of Civil Aviation reassure the public about the safety of air aviation and navigational systems

Reference to the recent report by the National Center for Cyber Security about the exposure of some government agencies to a number of cyber-attacks to disable the servers and system associated with it. The cyber-attack targeted various governmental agencies, the transportation sector, in addition to some other sectors.  The General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) and in collaboration with National Center for Cyber Security would like to announce that it has been targeted in these recent attacks, but praise to God and because of the security measures that has been taken to protect civil aviation systems, none of the air navigational system, or any major networks in any of our airports, this include our human resources, and financial system, or aviation permits and security badge systems and other airport support and operation businesses was effected. GACA’s official website was also never effected.
From the beginning of the attack in the past few days, GACA have noticed its impact on some of employees desktop pcs and their official emails, requiring us to immediately implement some necessary measures to deal with such incidents, where a complete isolation of the infected devices from the main network.  Work have already started to restore the infected data in a secure fashion.  Efforts to provide employees with virus free and sound equipment was implemented immediately to enable them to carry on their workloads.  Service was restored to the affected systems after a temporary injunction on the device was implemented as a precautionary measure for some time.
The National Center for Cyber Security has worked in cooperation with GACA since the start of this incident and it’s currently conducting an extensive investigation by the concerned authorities in this regard.
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