GACA facilitates air cargo operations through "Washaj" platform

April 8, 2021


Through its electronic platforms, the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) is keen to provide a package of procedures and facilities for companies, investors and those working in the air transport sector. This is done as part of a comprehensive digital transformation project to raise the level of services, quality and efficiency and simplify procedures while maintaining the permanent provision of services and exchange of information in a safe and sound manner based on best practices  And global standards.


GACA seeks to provide a variety of services according to the latest technical methods, and it works continuously to develop and improve its electronic services and keep abreast of developments in this field. Among these electronic services that the GACA provides to its beneficiaries is the "Washaj" platform, which is a gateway for air freight and an electronic platform that provides licensing service for agencies and Air freight. This in addition to an electronic shipment tracking service by linking all partners to the air freight supply chain, so that shipments are tracked from the first point until their arrival on the plane, as the Washaj platform is applied in all the Kingdom's airports through which the shipments are sent.  


Through the Washaj platform, GACA aims to increase the capacity of air freight, abolish commercial restrictions on trucking and air transport, improve the air freight environment. Moreover, achieving maximum security and the highest levels of flexibility. This in addition to professionalizing the logistics sector, and excelling in providing services and communicating with customers, simplify and automate air freight operations.


The "Washaj" portal provides about 60 services that benefit all partners in the air freight supply chain, including the services provided to freight offices (collection) such as: establishing and managing branches, adding the shipment, managing internal invoices and verifying the identity of the sender, air freight licenses. This in addition to services for approved shipping agencies such as: receiving shipments, registering transport vehicles, registering transport drivers, verifying the inspection of shipments, appointments for transfer to the airport, and services for the handling contractor such as: organizing the reception of shipments, verifying shipments, verifying of bills, and approval of  Appointments.


This in addition to providing services to the customer that includes: searching for a service provider, requesting a shipping agent, documenting invoices, electronic freight authorization, tracking of shipments, communications, notifications, unified barcode, payment, and services for the air carrier that include: flight schedules, introducing of policies, confirming flight reservations.


The portal also provides a barcode that enables high flexibility in security and logistical services, linking with it with different authorities, and providing accurate reports that will contribute significantly to the development of the air cargo system.


It is worth noting that a number of government agencies and the private sector working in the air freight system benefit from the air freight portal "Washaj".

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