Civil Aviation Authority: training (187) specialized on the mechanism of measuring standards of service quality in airports

Riyadh December 31 2018


The General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA), represented by the General Directorate for Quality and Customer Protection commenced the training of (187) airport’s staff to measure services quality standards.  This was done through workshops organized by GACA in 25 airports around the Kingdom, under the name “Training on measuring mechanism of service quality standards at airports”.


Through this project, GACA seeks to work with the concerned authorities to solve the main problems affecting passengers experience at airports.  Meanwhile, apply quality service standards according to the best international practices.


The intensive workshop held by GACA in 25 airports around the Kingdom in one month.  They went on to discuss element of quality of service standards and answered many queries involved.  This in addition to reviewing measurement methods and its frequencies, plus presenting and discussing quality service standards.


The above-mentioned workshops included theoretical and practical training.  The theoretical part included explanations of service standards quality, the mechanism of filling out the unified model of quality standards of services, and how to go about sending data.  The workshop also discussed common mistakes and the best ways to avoid them.  The practical training part, covered methods of taking measurement and ways to overcome the challenges facing workers on the ground.


It should be noted that the General Directorate of Quality and Customer Protection at GACA has conducted intensive workshops in 25 airports around the Kingdom in one month only.   Moreover, by sharing the experience through training specialists in the field to unified efforts to reach a common goal.  This common goal happens to be the improvement of travelers experience at the Kingdom airports.  Seventeen specialized trainers from the GDQC participated in the workshops held in airports around the Kingdom, amounting to 153 hours, with an average of 6 hours and 12 minutes per a workshop.


The workshops also witnessed the interaction and cooperation of airports operators around the Kingdom, where GACA is keen on improving the quality of services provided at many of those airports.  The taken measurement shows the current performance and its compatibility with international standards, in an effort to build on these results, and provide the improvement of services.


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