GACA among the top 15 government agencies that contributed to raising the e-services maturity level

Riyadh, May 28, 2019


The General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) was ranked among the top 15 government agencies that have contributed in raising the high impact maturity level.  This in addition to obtaining the green assessment category (Transportation & Communication Sector) with a 50 percentage points.  This was announced through the issuance of the new edition of government maturity level index, which was launched by government electronic interaction program (Yusur) for the first quarter of 2019.  The maturity level index is a tool for assessing and measuring the level of digitization and development in the provision of government services to the public and one of the Key Performance Indicators in the National Transition Plan 2020.


The achievement reflects the progress reached by GACA in the field of electronic services, in order to augment the quality and efficiency of services and simplify procedures.  This in addition to maintaining a permanent provision of services and the exchange of information in a safe manner based on the use of best practices and according to the high standards, all in an effort to improve the Kingdom’s assessment in the United Nation E-Government Readiness.


GACA provides many of its services according to the latest technical methods and continuously works in developing electronic services and keep pace with the development in this area.


GACA adopted a set of international standards that is relating in the building of smart airports to be adopted in future development projects to build an upgrade a number of airport to achieve the objective and strategies of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.  These include the provision of boarding cards with luggage identification tags, providing self-check-in counters for luggage, provision of e-gates, documents scanning machines, electronic self-service boarding gates and the installation of flight information displays at airports.


The maturity level index for government services aims to encourage government agencies to increase the provision of advance digital services, all in an effort to provide more government services to its intended users.  Yusur program work in collaboration with all government agencies in gathering all needed data and analyzing it, in order to make sure of its compliance with the agreed upon standards.  This is achieved through (Marsad) platform for government services, which in turn calculate the index electronically.

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