The Civil Aviation Authority participates in the Airport Exhibition (19) in Dubai



Riyadh, April 27, 2019


The General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) and a number of the Kingdom’s international airports will participate in the 19th Airport Show, which will take place from the 29 of April to the 1st of May at the Dubai World Trade Center in the United Arab Emirates.


GACA aims through its participation in this event to introduce its investment and various projects in construction, development and modernization of airports, as well as the establishment of airport cities.  This is in addition to the developments in the civil aviation sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its contribution towards the Kingdom vision 2030.


GACA participation is an opportunity to enhance the Kingdom’s position in civil aviation and to strengthen the relationship with all partners in the region.  This in view of the region expansion in the construction and the upgrading of airports therefore gets its fair share of the aviation market.  Furthermore, an opportunity to meet face to face to various entities related to civil aviation.  Furthermore to discuss the new developments and challenges facing the industry in the region.


The Airport Show is an independent platform to highlight the latest developments, innovation, emerging technologies and services related to airports.  In light of the predicted increase in travelers, making airports look for ways to effectively deal with this increase.  This in addition to enhance and upgrade its facilities and the opportunity to meet some of the leading companies in the aviation industry.


It is worth mentioning that the airport show is one of the platforms where companies can view products and services related to airports and aviation, providing a unique environment in which to learn about the latest innovations in airport construction, plus the latest airport solutions, technologies and airport related services.


Furthermore, there will be more than 300 leading international companies who will display a range of airport products, solutions and services at the Airshow.  A strong presence from 60 countries and estimated attendance of 7500 individuals.



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