GACA: Field inspection tours monitor compliance of safety and preventive measures at the Kingdom’s airports

July 13, 2020

The General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) continues its field inspection follow-up to provide distinguished services to travelers at the Kingdom's airports. This achieved through the formation of specialized field teams that supervise and monitor the quality of services for travelers at airports, and through these tours, GACA aims to monitor observations related to the quality of services inside the travel terminals and address them in cooperation with the relevant authorities.  It also monitors the implementation of the precautionary measures necessary to prevent the spread of the Novel Coronavirus. GACA seeks through its monitoring and follow up of its continuous inspection field trips to ensure a safe travel trip and to provide the highest quality standards at Saudi airports.


The field inspection work teams are present in the airport lounges around the clock to monitor performance indicators and evaluate the services provided during the seasons that witness an increase in the number of travelers, such as the holiday seasons and the Hajj season. GACA has applied several precise standards to improve passenger’s experience throughout the Kingdom's (28) airports. It supervises the implementation of precautionary and preventive measures. This in addition to providing excellent services to travelers with high quality by monitoring travel points at Saudi airports and  by measuring waiting times and following up on the availability of all services that contribute in improving the passenger experience and ensuring their mobility with ease and comfort.


In light of the Coronavirus pandemic, field work teams supervised the quality of services provided to travelers, and followed up and monitored the commitment of national air carriers and workers at Saudi airports to impose the application of instructions, precautionary and preventive measures necessary according to the guidelines for operating airports. Furthermore, to ensure the provision of sterilizers and the application of social distancing measures and other  preventive measures that guarantee the safety of travelers and ensure a safe travel journey that starts from the steps of their home until the traveler arrives at his intended destination.


It is worth noting, that the field inspection teams at GACA work to monitor the most prominent observations through field trips, and share reports with the relevant authorities to do the necessary corrections on a timely manner. This in addition to preparing periodic reports on the level of customer satisfaction and their observations on the services provided to them at Saudi airports. All this efforts comes in light of the steps taken by GACA, aiming to develop the air transport system in the Kingdom, in order to to play its role effectively. Moreover to improve the passenger experience as one of its priorities, and by improving the level of services provided to travelers, based on GACA’s supervisory role over the civil aviation sector in the Kingdom.

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