Civil Aviation is a strategic partner at the first Saudi International Air Show


Riyadh, March 11, 2019


The General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) will participate in the Saudi International Aviation Exhibition, which will be held in Riyadh tomorrow. The strategic patronage of the airshow is the first of its kind in the field of aviation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


The Saudi Aviation Club organizes the Saudi airshow, which will be held at the headquarters of the Aviation Club in Al-Thumamah, covering an area of ​​100,000 square meters. It will accommodate more than 100 different aircrafts, with 260 international companies and 1,500 participants from around the world.


The three-day event focuses on four key areas of aviation - commercial aviation, private and public aviation, airport and supplier infrastructure, defense and aerospace.


The airshow will be an important platform to highlight products and services, introduce new business opportunities and open channels of communication between decision-makers and those interested in all aviation sectors, as well as workshops and seminars with important aviation institutions and names.


The launch of the first Saudi International Airshow is part of the significant shift in the aviation sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, especially as the Saudi aviation market is one of the largest and most valuable markets in the Middle East region. 

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