GACA made an announcement about clients’ rights in case of luggage loss


The General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) made an announcement to all passengers that in the event of loss of luggage, the client may claim compensation from the air carrier as stipulated in the Executive Regulations for Customers Protection.


The Executive Regulations includes compensation for damage, loss, or delay of baggage with a minimum of 350 units and not to exceed 1131 units.  It is worth noting that the value of the unit varies according to the IMF Monetary Standard.


 The unit is converted to the equivalent of the Saudi Riyal, where the unit is currently worth about 5.2 Saudi Riyal.


The Customer Protections Regulations recognizes that the traveler can raise the level and value of the compensation when the luggage includes valuable items, or when the baggage itself is expensive.  This step is completed by declaring the value of the luggage before shipment and filling the disclosure form provided by the carrier.


The Regulations stipulates that the air carrier must compensate the client for damage, or loss of luggage within 30 days from receiving the claim.


This part of GACA’s intention to introduce the Executive Regulations to the public, which specifically aims at protecting the rights of customers under the slogan “Your_Rights_are_Safeguarded”.


 These rights aims to improve the quality of services and overcome any obstacles that the clients might face.  It is also a way to make all procedures more transparent, in addition to giving special care for people with special needs while travelling.


GACA has allocated a customer protection twitter account @GACACare, this in addition to GACA main account which is @Ksagaca, plus a toll free number 800-116-8888 dedicated to serve all clients throughout the Kingdom’s airports.

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