Civil aviation conference presents promising investment opportunities

Riyadh, March 7, 2019


All civil aviation’s professionals and international investors’ attention will be focused on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia next April, where the “Global Aviation Summit 2019” will be held from 25-26 of Rajab 1440H, corresponding to the 1-2 of April 2019, at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in the capital city of Riyadh.


 The summit will be organized by the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA), with the participation of a number of Transport Ministers, heads of civil aviation authorities and specialists from regional and international organization concerned with civil aviation.


The Summit will present a series of promising investment opportunities in the field of civil aviation and discuss supporting investment opportunities and the contribution of civil aviation in the economic growth of any country.   Furthermore, it will discuss the economic policies and the private sector participation, as well as, a number of topics related to aviation safety and security and the role of women in aviation.


It is worth noting, that the Kingdom’s civil aviation is viewed as a promising sector in the Saudi economy.   This sector offers huge investment opportunities, benefiting from the Kingdom’s strategic location, which enhances its attractiveness as a global logistical platform. 


The Summit will discuss the role that civil aviation plays in the Kingdom’s economic growth.  This particular session will focus on the participants from the private sector and their perspective on the available aviation investment opportunities in the Kingdom.


The General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) have been able to make a qualitative leaps based on its strategic plans, and its transformation to operate based on a commercial basis.  In addition to encouraging investment opportunities at the Kingdom’s airports, and its all its sectors and vital strategic units, while taking into consideration regulatory aspects of safety and security.


  It is worth mentioning that future studies point to the importance of the Kingdom’s civil aviation sector and its active contribution to the growth of the economy and growth domestic product (GDP).  The ample investment opportunities available will contribute directly and indirectly in creating thousands of jobs for the youth of this country.


 Studies also indicate that this vital sector is witnessing vast growth, due to the steady growth of the population density, plus the peace and tranquility that the Kingdom enjoys this in addition to its geographical location that makes it an international logistical hub, connecting three continents (Asia, Europe and Africa). 


This trait help attract international companies to the Kingdom, which comes in line with GACA’s strategic plan, which correlate with the Kingdom’s vision 2030.   A vision that aims to develop the national economy, and gear it toward developing and marketing investment opportunities and help attract the most important international companies, which will definitely contribute to the sustainable development of the national economy.


The Global Aviation Summit 2019, which is considered one of the world's most important events in the air transport industry, aims at exchanging information and experiences related to the civil aviation sector.  Furthermore, to benefit from the experiences of others in raising the quality of services.  It is also a chance to review global practices to improve cooperation in security and safety.  Furthermore, provide investment opportunities in civil aviation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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