The President of Civil Aviation Displays with airport managers the comprehensive program for evaluating the quality of airport services.

07 January 2021
His Excellency the President of the General Civil Aviation Authority Mr. Abdul Hadi bin Ahmed Al-Mansouri met today with Kingdom's airport managers and during the meeting a display of airport performance according to the results of the “Comprehensive Program for Evaluating Airport Services Quality - 2019”, His Excellency confirmed the importance of continuing efforts to develop services provided to travelers and raise the level of quality to enhance the Kingdom's position internationally as an influential country in the international civil aviation industry.
The General Authority of Civil Aviation launched the "Comprehensive evaluation of Airport Services Quality" program with the aim of evaluating the quality of services provided to passengers at the Kingdom's airports, improving services and improving the travel experience.
From his side, The Director General of Quality and Customer Protection, Eng. Abdulaziz bin Abdullah Al-Dahmash, explained that the program collected more than half a million samples of data on service quality standards at the Kingdom's airports, which were divided in the evaluation into four categories based on the type and size of air traffic, to set different objectives for each category, confirming the application of accurate standards to improve the passenger experience at the Kingdom's airports, aiming to follow performance indicators and measure.
The comprehensive evaluation program for airport services quality includes three main programs, which are service quality standards, the airport quality evaluation list, and the airport service quality questionnaire, each program includes indicators based on international best practices in the field of civil aviation.
The evaluation program includes three categories, most notably the “main airports” evaluation and “sub-evaluation” in addition to the “distinguished service evaluation” in which the evaluation is carried out based on all the comprehensive programs in the traveler's journey areas or the procedures that the traveler is subject to inside the airport, such as registering travel procedures, passport area, security inspection, customs area, baggage claim area, services for people with disabilities and those with limited mobility.
It is mentioned that GACA is eager to improve the travel experience at Saudi airports, and it is one of its priorities in order to provide the best services to travelers according to the best international standards, based on the role of the Authority in monitoring and supervising the aviation sector and airports in particular, and the Authority also conducts field trips periodically at airports. Monthly reports are issued on the level of passenger satisfaction with the services provided at airports, with the aim of evaluating the current level of services at airports and working to develop and improve them better by applying the highest international standards in the field of quality of passenger services and improving the quality of those services provided, which is in line with the objectives of the Kingdom's 2030 vision to achieve the highest standards in the quality of services.

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