The Civil Aviation Authority announces its readiness to receive passengers and pilgrims in the month of Ramadan

Riyadh, May 6, 2019


The General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) has completed its preparations for the reception of passengers throughout the Kingdom’s international and domestic airports during the holy month of Ramadan for the current year 1440.  GACA set forward a preparation of an integrated operational plan to accommodate the expected increase in the number of passengers and Umrah takers during the holy month of Ramadan in all regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


GACA is keen to implement the directive of the government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, to provide the best services for those coming to perform Umrah and to visitors alike.  Further, to provide all services needed to the guests of the House of Allah and facilitate their arrival procedures to perform Umrah with ease and tranquility.


GACA is working to provide everything that will facilitate arrival procedures and reduce the period of check-in and departure check-out through airports around the Kingdom.  Furthermore, GACA is working to coordinate with other governmental and private agencies to ease the movement of passengers in airports.  An operation plan is underway to get the terminals ready for their arrival and to quicken their entry procedures throughout the Kingdom’s airports, in addition to securing all the necessary capabilities to ensure the smooth operation of their flights.


It is expected that the number of passengers during the holy month of Ramadan will rise significantly as the influx of those coming to perform umrah and visit the Two Holy Mosques. The Kingdom’s airports will be dedicating itself to provide all the comfort for passengers, especially those arriving at King Abdulaziz International Airport (KAIA) in Jeddah.  KAIA will see during this period a continuous stream of flights from around the world.  The airport has started all the necessary preparations to serve the Umrah seekers and to facilitate and ease their arrival procedures to the highest extent.  During this year, the number of passport counters at the airport has been increased to reach (192), in addition to (10) electronic gates which has been added at North Terminal.  Furthermore, a conveyor belt was added (22/18) to accommodate passengers’ luggage during peak hours, to back up the main conveyor belt (21/17) and reduce congestion at south terminal.


It is worth mentioning that the Hajj and Umrah Terminal Complex at King Abdulaziz International Airport has (14) terminals equipped with (166) counters for end of travel procedures, (88) counter for scales, (18) travel gates and conveyor belts that span (1180) meters.  Furthermore, it has 2 first class lounges and (100) spaces for bus parking.  The complex is flexible, where all terminals can be converted to serve as departure terminals, starting on the 26th of Ramadan.  This in addition that end of travel procedures, which will be concluded, in north and south terminals and this with the cooperation of government and private agencies working at the airports.


Furthermore, the General Authority of Civil Aviation, through its operational plan for the month of Ramadan, aims to ensure the smooth operation of flights.  The plan included equipping travel terminals and tarmacs and providing and maintaining all the equipment and ensuring the readiness of all passports counters, customs, and airliners.  This is in addition to ensuring the maintenance of conveyor belts and security gates, plus providing all the necessary work force.

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