Conference on International Civil Aviation: A consensus on finding systematic solutions to meet the challenges facing civil aviation

Riyadh April 2, 2019


The participants of the Global Aviation Summit 2019, which concluded its work today in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, called on countries and relevant civil aviation authorities to take the necessary measures to create a transparent, stable predictable investment environment for the global aviation industry.


The participants issued a closing statement following the conclusion of the conference, which was attended by a number of Ministers, senior officials of the aviation authorities and international organizations dealing with aviation.  The statement stipulated the consensus of the participants to find systematic solutions to stop any challenges facing the world of civil aviation.  Furthermore, to focus on finding an attractive infrastructure for investment and innovation.


The summit stressed on the importance of developing a comprehensive air transport facilitations system to improve passenger experience through the application of the best practices and the usage of intelligent technologies, in addition to the effective coloration among different airport’s stakeholders and the exchange of information at the national level among stakeholders.


The statement called on the organizers of the (unmanned aircraft) industry to raise the level of coordination in order to prepare and implement a flexible and integrated regulatory framework for this type of aircraft.  This to ensure the application of the highest standards of safety and security after its inclusion in the civil aviation system.


The Global Aviation Summit 2019, encouraged states and relevant civil aviation authorities to demonstrate a strong, firm leadership and commitment towards gender equality.  They stressed the need to work together in overcoming barriers facing women’s empowerment in the aviation sector.


Furthermore, the summit urged the member States to fulfil the commitment and implement the Riyadh Declaration (2016) resolutions, which was adopted in the previous summit.  It also encouraged the increased participation in the Cooperative Aviation Security Program in the Middle East (CASP-MID).


The Global Aviation Summit 2019 witnessed the signing of a number of air service agreements between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and a number of countries.  It is worth noting, that more than (15) Transport Ministers and more than (140) heads of civil aviation authorities, organization, and executive of top airline companies from around the world attended the conference.  All in an effort to promote dialogue between local governments and the private sector, by exchanging ideas and encourage effective participation in the foundation of policies, regulations and future civil aviation plans around the world.



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