GACA holds a workshop on the mechanism for dealing with passengers' complaints

 November 25, 2021
The General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) held a workshop entitled "Mechanism for Dealing with Passenger Complaints", with the participation of a number of representatives from national air carriers, the Saudi Ground Services Company and the Altanfeethi Company. This in addition to employees from the Kingdom's airports, at the Courtyard Hotel in the capital city of Riyadh.
The workshop aim to improve services provided to travelers, enhance joint cooperation between air carriers, airports and all relevant authorities. Further, it gave participants a chance to discuss the most prominent difficulties and challenges to achieve common goals and improve the quality of services provided.
The workshop dealt with the stages of the traveler's complaint, the classifications and types of complaints, the performance indicators of complaints and the most frequently used classifications during the current year compared to the number of complaints, periodic reports and their outputs. This in addition to providing a visual presentation that reviews the traveler's journey in submitting the complaint and the methods used to communicate with the traveler and ways of addressing their complaints.
The workshop highlighted travel procedures for people with disabilities and ways to improve their experience at all stages of travel. Their experience was divided into 3 basic stages, including the stage before travel, and includes: planning and reservation, arrival and entry to the airport, check-in area, passport and visa procedures, and the security inspection area and arrival at the departure gate. The next stage during travel includes: boarding the plane, access to the seat, emergency instructions, updates during the flight, requesting assistance and exiting the plane. This in addition to the after travel stage, which includes: procedures for arriving at the airport, baggage claim, waiting at the airport and exiting the airport.

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