With effect from 1st March 2016, a person may make an application for designation as a Representative of the President in the capacity of an obstacle assessor.
Applicants for designation as an obstacle assessor must be able to meet the qualification requirements specified in Advisory Circular 183.02. 
The following procedure applies:
1.            An applicant must complete the application form (Form183.02) and ensure that the following information is provided:
a.    Name of the applicant
b.    Contact information, citizenship, and if not a Saudi citizen, details of the right to work in KSA
c.    Details of the applicant’s qualifications and experience
d.    Details of how the applicant will meet the competencies requirements
e.    Details of the applicants quality management system
f.     Details of the applicant’s document management system.
2.             The completed application form must be submitted to the Aerodromes and Airspace Department – Mr Saad Dawass – sdawass@gaca.gov.sa, or Mr Mohammed Al Alawi malalawi@gaca.gov.sa
3.            After receiving the application, and consideration of the submitted information, and subject to the applicant meeting the basic applicant qualifications, the applicant will be invited to attend an interview.
4.            Following the interview, a formal document review will be conducted, and an on-site demonstration audit where operational readiness and compliance with the relevant GACAR Parts must be demonstrated.
Required Documents
Delivery Time
Regular feedback will be provided to the applicant on progress of their application.
Terms and Conditions
Additional Help
The application must be accompanied by all of the required documents and supporting evidence, and the required application fee, where applicable. Required documents are specified in GACAR Parts 183. 

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