Issuance of private flight authorization


This service allows beneficiaries to obtain flight authorizations for their private Aircrafts with limited number of seats to transport passengers or for selling or purchasing purposes.
Additionally this service allows beneficiaries to request for flight authorization annually, or for landing (both technical and operational) or crossing.

Individuals, Airlines, commercial companies (local, international), private aircraft operators, and private aircraft owners.
Required Documents
1.Application letter to the Agreements and Authorization GM
2.Copy of the commercial register
3.Copy of the leasing agreement ( in case of operating a leased aircraft)
4.Copy of the contract with Aircraft Operator
5.Aircraft ownership letter
6.Delegation of authority (in the case the request done by the agent or representative)
7.Service fee payment receipt via “SADAD”
8.Aircraft Noise Certificate
9.Aircraft Certificate of Registration
10.Certificate of Airworthiness (C of A)
11.Aircraft Certificate of Insurance
12.Airman Certificate and Medical Certificate for each flight crew member included.
13.Currency Check for each flight crew member involved.
14.Application letter which includes the payment code of the applicant
15.Supporting letter from concerned authority (for landing request)
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