Issuance of a Special Airworthiness Certificate (Initial)


This service allows beneficiaries (Owners or Operators) who have aircrafts registered in GACA Saudi registry to apply for initial Aircraft Special Certificate of Airworthiness (C of A) or for foreign registered aircraft under 83bis agreement if applicable. In any of the following categories: Primary, Restricted & Experimental. 

Owner or operator of Saudi registered aircraft.
1. Certificate of Registration
2. Radio License.
3. Assignment of 24-Bit Address for Mode “S” Transponder
4. ELT registration
Online Submission through GACA Eservice Portal
Required Documents
1.Transmittal letter
2.Proof of fee payment
3.Insurance certificate
4.Copy of the Certificate of Registration
5.Picture showing Aircraft markings, registration and data plate
6.Copy of Aircraft radio license
7.Statement of conformity
8.Letter of authorization to conduct operations (RVSM, BRNAV, RNPS, RNP10, RNP 1, NAT/MNPS)
9.List of Aircraft’s equipment
10.Copy of weight and Balance
11.Copy of aircraft/ engine maintenance
12.Copy of structure repair
13.Copy of wiring diagram
14.Copy of flight manual
15.Electrical load analysis
16.Copy of the Letter of authorization to use MMEL for GACA Part 91
17.Maintenance tracking list
18.Aircraft permanent records and logbooks (Including Last Maintenance Release)
19.Aircraft production test flight record for new aircraft
20.Aircraft acceptance flight for used or new aircraft
21.Export C of A
Delivery Time
12 Business day
Terms and Conditions
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