Hajj and Umrah transporting licensing


The bureau of Hajj & Umrah undertakes the responsibilities of facilitating through clearance of charter flights to operate during Hajj and Umrah seasons. Secondly, the office liaison with the various ministries and departments to coordinate and enable towards free process for Hajj and Umrah travellers

Saudi national airlines
Foreign airlines
Tourism agents
Airlines agents
1.         Application: The applicant must submit all relevant documents to request the licensing
2.         Review: the GACA will review the documents submitted and verify if compliance with the civil aviation law  and Hajj instructions governing the carriage of pilgrims by air
3.         Record: GACA will issues The transport licensing then flight clearance
Required Forms
Required Documents
1.Submit a request by the airline , tourist agent or airline agent for operating Hajj and Umrah flights
2.Providing a bank guarantee in favour of GACA
3.Providing a bank guarantee in favour of Ministry of Hajj.
4.Flight schedule
Delivery Time
Terms and Conditions
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