Foreign Air Operator Authorization - GACAR 129 (Initial)


This service allows beneficiaries to obtain initial Authorization required for the operation of foreign air carriers (scheduled/unscheduled) under GACAR PART 129.

Foreign Air Carriers intending to operate commercial flights under GACAR PART 129, or their local agents.
- A confirmation show compliance with applicable GACA economic authority.
- A confirmation show compliance with applicable GACA security requirements. 
E-Book VOL 10
Required Forms
Required Documents
1.Request letter
2.Provide a confirmation to prove compliance with applicable Economic Licensing department requirements
3.Acceptance of Air Operator Security Program (AOSP)
4.Air operating certificate (AOC) for foreign Air Carriers
5.Operations Specifications
6.Letter of Undertaking
7.Maintenance contract in KSA / Flight engineer on-board
8.Compliance statements with Saudi Aviation Law, GACAR Part129 and ICAO standards
9.Other Related Document
Delivery Time
3 Business Weeks
Terms and Conditions
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