Foreign Air Carrier Validation - GACA/FAR Part 129 (Initial)


This service allows beneficiaries to obtain Validation required for the operation of foreign air carriers (scheduled/unscheduled GACA/FAR PART 129) by studying the applications and checking the satisfaction to ensure their compliance against the regulation & ICAO standards.

Foreign Air Carriers, which have scheduled commercial flight operations GACA/FAR PART 129), or their agents who work in the KSA.
  • File for Airline Documents Including:
1.       Covering Letter Request.
2.       AOC.
3.       Operation Specifications.
  • File for Aircraft Documents (Each aircraft if any) Including:
1.       Letter of Compliance (SAT-FAOD 01 Mar-2015).
2.       Data Sheet (SAT-FAOD 02 Mar-2015).
3.       History of AC Registration (SAT-FAOD 03 Mar-2015).
4.       Certificate of Registration (C of R).
5.       Certificate of Airworthiness (C of A).
6.       Insurance Certificate.
7.       Noise Certificate.
8.       Radio License.
9.       Lease agreement (If required).
10.   Letter of undertaking in case of violation, incident or whatsoever.
11.   Maintenance provision confirmation letter.
12.   Compliance statements with Saudi Aviation Low, GACAR Part129 and ICAO standards

Required Documents
1.Request letter
2.provide a confirmation show compliance with applicable economic authority requirements as established by the GACA, from the concerned department in GACA
3.provide a confirmation show compliance with applicable security requirements as established by the GACA, from the concerned department in GACA.
4.Air operating certificate (AOC) for foreign Air Carriers
5.Operations specifications
6.Copy of Aircraft certificate of registration (C of R)
7.Certificate of Airworthiness (C of A)
8.Insurance certificate
9.Aircraft Noise Certificate for each Aircraft
10.Radio License for each Aircraft
11.Aircraft Leasing agreement (if applicable)
12.Letter of Undertaking
13.Maintenance contract in KSA / Flight engineer on-board
14.Compliance statements with Saudi Aviation Law, GACAR Part129 and ICAO standards
15.Other Related Document
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