Certificate of Authorization for HZ register aircraft - GACA Part 91


This service allows beneficiaries (owners or operators) who have aircrafts registered in GACA Saudi registry to apply for the issuance of certificate of authorization (CoA).

Successful completion results in either issuance of Part 91 Certificate of Authorization and appropriate operations specifications (OpSpecs) or denial of the application.

Required Documents
1.Request for certification addressed to president
2.Transmittal letter
3.Application for Certificate of Authorization - Part 91
4.Data Sheet
5.Copy of approved flight manual including RVSM, BRNAV, RNP1, RNP5, RNP10, NAT/MNPS
6.Operation manual
7.Copy of weight and Balance and Equipment list
8.Aircraft Certificate of Registration
9.Certificate of Airworthiness (C of A)
10.Copy of the Radio license
11.Aircraft Certificate of Insurance
12.Copy of last maintenance release
Delivery Time
Terms and Conditions
Additional Help