Application for Type Certificate Validation


This service allows the beneficiaries to apply for Type Certificate Validation under the provisions of GACAR Part 21 Subpart A “Type Certificates” for an aircraft type certificated in ICAO Contracting State other than GACA Recognized Foreign NAA. (GACAR§ 21.37)

Type Certificate (TC) Holder/Applicant
1. Approval from GACA President to initiate the project
2. Familiarity with the Type Certificate Validation process.
Interim Measures; The GACA Type Certification process is based on the FAA Type Certification process.
Required Documents
1.Approval from GACA President to initiate the project.
2.Letter of application addressed to Airworthiness Manager.
3.State of Design Notification Letter addressed to Airworthiness Manager.
4.Preliminary Certification plan.
5.Compliance Checklist.
6.Estimated project schedule including major milestones
7.Approval privileges document (NAA Design Organization Approval, or equivalent).
8.One copy of the technical data required in the applicable TSO, including ((**) see additional Help)
Delivery Time
1,800 business days (subject to project scope).
Terms and Conditions
1. TBD, 2. Confirmed payment of all applicable fees is a requirement for an application to be accepted for processing by the GACA
Additional Help
Type Validations require close communication and cooperation between the GACA and Type Certificating Authority, and the applicant.

Help Documents