Application for Type Certificate Acceptance


This service allows the beneficiaries to apply for a Type Certificate Acceptance (TCA) under the provisions of GACAR Part 21 Subpart A “Type Certificates” for an aircraft type certificated in GACA Recognized Foreign NAA. (GACAR §21.35).

Type Certificate Holder/Aircraft Owner/Aircraft Operator/Applicant
1.      Aircraft Type Certificate issued by GACA Recognized Foreign NAA (GACAR §21.35).
2.      Familiarity with the GACA TCA process.
GACA AC 021-35 Type Certificate Acceptance.
Required Forms
Required Documents
1.Letter of application addressed to General Manager of Airworthiness. See additional help.
2.State of Design Notification letter addressed to the General Manager of Airworthiness (Optional)
3.Copy of TC/TCDS or equivalent document issued by GACA recognized foreign NAA.
4.One full set of operating and maintenance data for the aircraft and its associated engines and propellers.
5.An undertaking from the holder of the TC to provide GACA with continuing airworthiness data.
Delivery Time
10 Business days
Terms and Conditions
1. Aircraft Type Certificate issued by GACA Recognized Foreign NAA (GACAR §21.35). 2. The aircraft type and/or model is first type and model to KSA.
Additional Help
1. Type Acceptance may require communication and cooperation between the GACA and Type Certificating Authority, Certifying National Aviation Authority, and the applicant.
2. Granting free of charge online access to TC holder’s technical publications (including operating and maintenance data) is also acceptable. In this case, the applicant must coordinate with the TC holder to create account(s) for GACA specialists (an administrator account is preferable).  

Help Documents