Application for Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) - Letter of Intent


This service allows the beneficiaries to request GACA support for certification of a major change in type design to be performed on Saudi registered aircraft. GACA decision to support the applicant is the pre-requisite for initiation of a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) Project.

Any person, other than the type certificate holder, who alters a product by introducing a major change in type design.
GACA eBook VOLUME 6 Chapter 1 Section 2.
Note: The content has not yet been included in the eBook. The procedure of the repealed GACA AG-7 can be used.
Required Forms
Required Documents
1.Letter of Intent addressed to GACA Airworthiness Manager.
Delivery Time
Terms and Conditions
Additional Help
The letter of intent should be of sufficient detail to allow the GACA to determine GACA resource requirements necessary to support the GACA STC process and to assess whether nominated persons (i.e. already appointed GACA-DERs, GACA-DARs, FAA DERs or other foreign delegated individuals/organizations) would have sufficient scope of delegation to address the required compliance aspects of the project.
There is a fee of SAR 2,000 due at time of application, and SAR 400 hourly charge due at release of STC certificate.

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