Application for Special Flight Permit for Delivery Purposes (GACA 21.179 (a) (2))


This service allows the owners and operators of GACA Saudi registered aircrafts to apply for Special Flight Permit (commonly referred to as a Ferry Permit) for an aircraft that may not currently meet applicable airworthiness requirements, but is capable of safe flight, for Delivery Purposes (e.g. Delivering new aircraft to the base of a purchaser or to a storage point.)

Owner / operator of GACA Saudi registered Aircrafts not authorized under OpSpecs D-84.
Required Documents
1.Transmittal letter addressed to the Director of Airworthiness and which includes the following information: Aircraft make, model, series, registration and serial number
2.Copy of Aircraft certificate of registration (C of R)
3.Copy of Aircraft radio license
4.LOA for RVSM/MNPS, as applicable.
5.ELT Registration
6.CD contains all docs related to Aircraft maintenance
7.Proof of fee payment
Delivery Time
Terms and Conditions
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