Application for Repair Design Approval (RDA)


This service allows the beneficiaries to apply for a GACA Repair Design Approval (RDA) Project to be performed on Saudi registered aircraft in accordance with Subpart E of GACAR PART 21 “Certification Procedures for Products and Articles”.

Any person, other than the type certificate holder, who introduces a design for a repair. Refer to GACAR 21.123.
GACA acceptance to support the project. e.g. GACA response to the letter of intent.
GACA eBook VOLUME 6 Chapter 1 Section 3.
Note: The content has not yet been included in the eBook. The procedure of the repealed GACA AG-7 can be used.
Required Documents
1.GACA acceptance to support the project.
2.Letter of application addressed to Airworthiness Manager.
3.GACA Form 8110-12 Application for Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) and Repair Design Approval (RDA).
4.Preliminary Certification plan including basis of certification.
5.Preliminary Compliance Checklist.
6.Proof of fee payment
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