Aircraft Registration


This service allows the beneficiaries to apply for an Aircraft Registration and obtain an Aircraft certificate of registration.

  1. Application: The applicant must submit all relevant documents as provided in the rules of the General Authority for Civil Aviation in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  2. Review: the GACA will review the documents submitted and verify if compliance with the GACAR is achieved.
  3. Issue of a Certification of Registration: The GACA will only issue a Certification of Registration when the GACA is completely satisfied that all regulatory have been adequately addressed.
  4. Delivery of a Certificate of Registration:
  5. Record: The Applicant will provide all documents required for filing purposes.

Required Documents
1.Request letter
2.Aircraft Bill of Sale or any evidence of ownership
3.Delegation of authority (in the case the request done by the agent or representative)
4.Confirmation from C.A. Authority of the country (in which the aircraft was registered) on deregistration or that it has never been entered on A/C registry
5.Export certificate of Airworthiness (if applicable)
6.Fee payment confirmation by GACA Fees & Charges Department
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