Air Cargo Licensing (Transfer of ownership) (Accredited/ Assemblers)


This service allows beneficiaries to transfer the ownership of the Air Cargo office /agency’s license (Accredited/ Assembler).

Air Cargo Agencies (Accredited/ Assemblers).
Required Forms
Required Documents
1.Application letter for ownership transfer of the Air Cargo agency directed to the Economic Regulation Department General Manager.
2.Payment cheque with the amount of (SR 2,000) accredited by GACA.
3.Contract or allegiance certified by an official authority (Notary - Chamber of Commerce).
4.A leasing contract by the new owner.
5.Copy of the new owner´s ID.
6.The original license which was previously given to the office/agency.
7.Advertisement in a daily newspaper about the transfer of ownership
Delivery Time
Terms and Conditions
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