Safety and Risk Management

The Safety and Risk Management Department undertake the promotion of aviation safety in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia airports and airspace, by implementing the State Safety Program (SSP) and monitoring the implementation of the Safety Management System (SMS) for service providers, it is also proactively monitors aviation risks

Duties & Responsability

  • Determine acceptable levels of safety performance (ALOSP).
  • Maintain an up-to-date database of information and observations regarding civil aviation safety, with consideration of privacy and confidentiality.
  • Prepare reports and statistics on the safety of civil aviation and ensuring its circulation to all concerned parties.
  • Follow-up of the investigations of safety with the concerned department in the General Authority of Civil Aviation in the Kingdom to seek out the causes and recommendations to reduce risks.
  • Implementation of the State Safety Program (SSP).
  • Auditing and Monitoring of airlines and service providers.
  • Accept and Monitoring Safety Management System (SMS) for service providers.
  • Risk reduction through aviation safety studies and data analysis.
  • Improving the quality of procedures and performance of the General Authority for Civil Aviation.

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Safety and Risk Management