The management of aviation standards legislation is the focal point for coordination with other departments in the sector to make necessary adjustments to aviation safety regulations and all procedural and guidance materials and to circulate them through official channels.

Duties & Responsability

  • Set up, update and manage the external regulations of the General Authority for Civil Aviation.
  • Managing the issues of guides and guidance materials for the technical regulations of the General Authority of Civil Aviation.
  • Continuous coordination with relevant organizational units regarding regulations, manuals and guidance materials.
  • Issuing and updating the regulatory circulars of the General Authority of Civil Aviation.
  • Follow-up the proposed amendments by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) to annexes to the Chicago Convention and respond to them by applying them or disseminating the differences in coordination with the relevant organizational units.
  • Communicate, coordinate and solicit feedback from operators, service providers and users of aviation services before issuing or modifying any aviation system.
  • Include the Commission's variations with the ICAO Annexes in the AIP in coordination with ANS.
  • Conduct a regular review of the technical regulations of the General Authority for Civil Aviation and ensure compliance with the ICAO Standards by coordinating and following up the work of various disciplines related to the Annexes of the Chicago Convention.
  • Publication of regulations, circulars, guides and guidance materials for aviation regulations in the Authority.
  • Preparation of library lists of technical paper, audio and visual.
  • Inform the beneficiaries of new library assets on an ongoing basis.
  • Archiving the regulations, guides, circulars and guidance material for the civil aviation systems of the Authority.
  • Provide ICAO publications and documents for beneficiaries within the Commission.
  • Provision of evidence issued by aircraft manufacturers registered in the Kingdom within Airworthiness aviation and aircraft operations.
  • Corresponding to associations and specialized centers in the world to keep abreast of developments in aviation regulations.
  • Monitor the application of the Aviation Systems Program (ARS).

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