Flight Operations



Flight Operation department issues certificate to airmen and operational members associated with civil aircrafts and certified domestic and international airline.
The Flight Operation department is obliged to implement and uphold the highest international aviation standards as published in the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Standards and Procedures, annexes published as well as in the FAA Regulations.

The Flight Operation department implements auditing for all domestic and international airlines, repair stations and schools, which operate in/from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in order to ensure that they maintain their operating standards in accordance with the national, international regulations, best industry practices and so as to insure the highest quality and reliability standards and safety in the KSA, aviation industry are maintained. 


Setting regulations and standards that, consider the air carrier’s duty to operate in the public interest at the highest possible degree of safety, and for other air commerce, air agencies, and airmen at the appropriate level of safety in the public interest, accomplishing certification, inspection, surveillance, approval, audit, and evaluation, investigation, and enforcement activities, and managing the systems for registry of civil aircraft and all official airmen records.


To be recognized as the regional leader on system safety through regulation and certification.

Duties & Responsability

·        Conduct oral and practical tests for commercial licenses holder’s pilots and then issue an independent Saudi aviation licenses.
·        Review and audit adjustments to the operation of aircraft manuals, training manuals on flight operations, as well as lists of Minimum hardware aircraft.
·        Licensing of all commercial air operators and two sections of the year.
·        Certifying aviation schools and training centers for pilots, air traffic controllers, and the flight attendants.
·        Certifying and rehabilitation flight simulators.
·        Certifying Pilots, air traffic controllers, and flight attendants.
·        Approval of all references and operational manuals relating to aviation operations.
·        Approval guide operational specifications for air carriers.
·        Supervision, monitoring and evaluation of the application of regulations.
·        Participation in the relevant domestic and international committees.
·        Participate in investigations of air carrier’s accidents and incidents.
·        Conducted periodic inspections and audit of cockpit, cabin, and ramps in domestic and foreign airports, including ground equipment, operation manuals, flight-crew manuals, and training centers according to an annual plan.
·        Conduct check flights to evaluation new pilots.
·        Participation in the technical field inspection in the airports ramps for national and foreign airlines, during arrival and departure.
·        Review and follow up the safety reports issued by the European against the national air carriers, then review and adoption of follow-up precautionary measures.
·        Review and audit foreign aircraft hired by national operators.
·        Investigating the irregularities by national operators and to develop measures to avoid recurrence.
·         Participation in workshops and courses inside and outside the Kingdom.

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MEL Approval

This service allows Air Operators to acquire the GACA's approval on the approval of Minimum equipment List (MEL).

Petition for Exemptions to Regulatory Requirements Service

This service allows Air Operators to apply for Petition for exemptions to Regulatory Requirements.

Petition form
Operations Specifications Amendment Service

This service allows the Air Operators to acquire GACA's acceptance of operations specifications (OpSpecs) amendments. experience Observation for pilot qualification

Manual/Operations Approval Service

This service allows the Air Operators to acquire the GACA's approval on the modified/revised operations manuals

Air Operator Certification - GACA Part 121 (Domestic, Flag and Supplemental Operation) Service

This service allows an Air Operator to apply for certification part 121, Domestic, Flag and Supplemental Operations, and to determine if an Air Operator meets the rules governing this operation. Successful completion results in either issuance of Part 121 Operating certificate and appropriate operations specifications (OpSpecs) or denial of the application.

Acceptance of Operations Specifications Amendments

This service allows Air Operators to request for Acceptance of Operations Specifications Amendments.