Certification and Licensing Standards

The Licensing and certification Standards department issues a range of licenses, permits and certificates to allow the conduct of aviation activities.

Individuals and organizations are required to adhere to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia civil aviation laws when engaging in aviation-related activities. It is important to obtain the required licensing/approval/certification/authorization from GACA before conducting these activities.
From pilots, aircraft to medical, and testing, the Licensing and certification Standards department in GACA is responsible for licensing and certification of aircraft maintenance engineers, air traffic controllers, and crewmembers of aircraft registered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. As well as aircraft registration and cancelation in GACA records.

Duties & Responsability

  • Issue, reissue, renew, suspend and revoke airmen licenses and authorization.
  • Issue, reissue, renew, suspend and revoke service providers’ licenses and work authorization.
  • Register and unregister deregister aircraft in GACA Records.
  • Change; Aircrafts Ownership, Registration Mark and Pre-registration mark reservation in GACA Records.
  • Surveillance Supervision of GACA Medical examiners.
  • Designate qualified medical examiners to perform medical examination.
  • Conduct all written examination to all airman.
  • Designate and supervise testing centers.
  • Archive all airmen licenses and certificates.