The Airworthiness Department linked to the Aviation Standards Sector, certifying AOC/OC operators issuing airworthiness Certificate and approving Aircraft Repair Stations / technical schools, conducting technical tests and approving the engineering modifications of the aircraft.

Duties & Responsability

  • Issuing and renewing the certificates of validity of aircraft registered in Saudi Arabia.
  • Inspection of chartered aircraft from national operators.
  • Issuing school licenses Aircraft Technician.
  • Issuing export certificates to the Kingdom.
  • Issuing additional model certificates for Saudi aircraft.
  • Issuing and revising licenses for repair stations for aircraft inside the Kingdom.
  • Certification of aircraft repair.
  • Issuing the certificates of commissioners.
  • Issuing codes for Saudi aircraft.
  • Issuing a special flight permit.
  • Licensing and renewing licenses of repair stations for aircraft registered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Registration of GPS devices in case of emergency.
  • Participate in issuing the permit annually.
  • Participation in the licensing of national operators.
  • Participate in aircraft accident investigations upon request.
  • Participation in the aviation industry committees inside and outside the Kingdom.
  • Periodic inspections of national operators.
  • Foreign Aviation Inspection.
  • Inspection of technical schools.
  • Inspection of repair stations.
  • Issuance of operating specifications for national aeronautical operators.
  • Issuing the Technical Inspection License (IA).
  • Adoption of technical aircraft manuals.
  • Adoption of operating procedure manuals for national operators.
  • Performing technical tests for aircraft technicians.
  • Supervision of Convention 83bis-ICAO.

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