Aerodrome Standards

General department of Aerodrome Standards works in certification and registration of aerodromes and heliports; and oversight compliance with applicable GACAR for aerodrome certificate holders

Duties & Responsability

  • Certify the Aerodromes in accordance with GACAR-139.
  • Registrar the Aerodromes (private Heliports & Aerodromes) in accordance with GACAR-138.
  • Oversight of Aerodromes to implement safety regulations and standards and executive GACA regulations.
  • Providing proposals to update standards, rules and regulations related to Aerodrome safety.
  • Review operation manuals of Aerodromes certification,
  • Review the results of aviation incidents and accidents investigation reports issued by the Aviation Investigation Bureau for improving services, and avoiding such incidents and to follow up on recommendations.
  • Prepare periodic reports on the achievements and activities of the general department, and make suggestions for the development of work
  • Identify the general department needs of the workforce and provide the required training.

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Aerodrome Standards

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