Denied Boarding

What is the passenger's rights in the cases of denied boarding?
  1. The Air Carrier shall not deny boarding to any Customer, if there is a seat available in a higher class on the same flight. In such a case, the Air Carrier shall upgrade the Customer to the higher class without any additional payments.
  2. In case boarding is denied to any Customer due to the fact that alternative seats are not available on the same flight, the air carrier must act immediately as follows:
    1. Provide the Customer with sufficient clear information in writing regarding his/her rights if boarding has been denied, and provide the necessary guidance in this regard.
    2. Afford the Customer the right to choose between travelling on a different flight operated by the same Air Carrier, or to travel with another Air Carrier. The difference in cost, if any, shall be borne by the Air Carrier.
    3. If the Customer is denied boarding by the Air Carrier and the Customer decides to terminate the contract, the Air Carrier shall refund the ticket price for any unused sector(s) and provide compensation equal to (100%) of that value.