Flight Delays

What is the passenger's rights in the cases of flight delays?

1. The Air Carrier is not permitted to delay flights unless for security and safety purposes according to field reports approved by the GACA.
2. The Air Carrier shall notify the Customer that the flight has been delayed at least (45) minutes before the take-off time, and a notice of the new take-off time shall be given by the Air Carrier.
3. In the case of a flight delay while the Customer is in the hotel, the Air Carrier shall bear the expenses of any additional hotel stay until the alternative take off-time, inform the Customer of the alternative take-off time and provide the relevant guidance in this regard.
4. In the case of an actual flight delay or an anticipated flight delay for a period that exceeds (6) hours, the Customer shall have the right to request the Air Carrier to consider the flight as a cancelled in accordance with the provisions of flight cancellation mentioned in Article (10) of these Regulations.
5. Where further delay is incurred beyond the new take-off time exceeding six (6) hours, the Air Carrier must extend the Care given to the Customer as stipulated in Article 7 of these Regulations as the following:
A. Refreshments for the first hour from the original time of departure.
B. An appropriate meal if the delay exceeds three (3) hours from the originally scheduled time of departure.
C. Hotel accommodation and transportation to and from the airport if the delay exceeds (6) hours from the originally scheduled time of departure.