Flight Delays

  1. The air carrier shall commit to the announced flight schedule and the flight times shown in the Reservation, unless such delay is for security and safety reasons, based on reports approved by GACA.
  2. The air carrier shall notify the passenger about the flight delay at least (45) minutes prior to take-off time, and the notice shall contain the new take-off time.
  3. The air carrier shall update the flight status and any additional delays every (30) minutes, and the consecutive delay periods for the same flight shall be treated as a continuous period.
  4. Taking into consideration the provisions stipulated in Paragraph (3-C) of Article Seventeen of the Regulations, the air carrier shall be responsible for the cost of extending the passenger’s accommodation until the new flight time in case the flight delay occurs while the passenger is in a paid accommodation location, whether a hotel or any other residential unit with the same purpose, and the passenger shall be informed of the new departure time and given the necessary support.
  5. Cases of delays in departure and their duration are dealt with by offering care and support services based on the time difference between the actual and the scheduled departure time.
  6. The compensation resulting from flight delays is calculated based on the actual arrival time of the passenger compared to the arrival time specified in the Reservation. The compensation is provided as follows:

a. The equivalent of (50) Special Drawing Rights Units if the total flight delay duration is three to six hours. b. The equivalent of (150) Special Drawing Rights Units if the total flight delay duration is more than six hours.

  1. The passenger has the right to request the termination of the contract with the air carrier in case the flight is delayed for a period exceeding (2) hours, and the passenger is entitled to a full refund of the ticket price only, without the deduction of any fees.
  2. In case the flight delay extends to over (5) hours, then the passenger has the right to consider the flight canceled and the passenger is entitled to compensation as per the cancellation provisions specified in the Regulations.